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At SmartDives LLC, we are proud to be the authorized representatives of TESCOM REGULATOR, a brand of Emerson, a global leader in Pressure Control Equipment. We specialize in supplying Industrial & High Purity Regulators, Valves & Systems capable of handling a wide range of fluid media, including corrosive, toxic, flammable gases, and liquids, with pressures ranging from Vacuum to 30,000 psig.

Our Pressure Regulators are specially designed and manufactured for various industries, including Industrial, Specialty Gas, Laboratory, and Medical sectors. They provide innovative solutions for applications in Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical, Medical, Pharma, Life Science, Biotech, Fertilizer, CNG, Laboratory, Solar, Semiconductor, Plastic, and more.

Our product range includes:

1. Pressure Reducing Regulators

2. Relief/Back Pressure Regulators

3. On/Off Shut-Off Valves

4. Manifolds and Changeover Regulators

5. Electropneumatic Controls and Motors

6. Integrated Custom Systems

7. Accessories